1. All requests for provisional or confirmed reservations are to be made by the Guest/Tour Operator by way of e-mail to

2. No reservation will be deemed confirmed unless acknowledged and accepted in writing by Leon Moore Nature Experience. Leon Moore Nature Experience will respond to all reservation applications in a timely manner and will reply using the same medium of communication whereby the request was made.

3. You are required to make a non-refundable 20% deposit of the cost for the tour based on the number of clients and reservation made Upon conformation of the tour. And the balance no later than 90 days of the tour date.

4. All payment should be address to Leon Moore via wire transfer. Please advise when deposit is made in writing.


Should any reservation or payment provision not be observed by the reserving party, Leon Moore Nature Experience will be entitled to cancel the respective reservation with immediate effect. This will be done by way of written notice.


Should a cancellation be received between confirmation 90 or days prior to arrival, no cancellation fee will be charged. Should a cancellation be received between 80 days prior to arrival a 50% cancellation fee will be charged. Should a cancellation be received 70 or less days prior to arrival no refund will be given. Cancellation fees are calculated on the rate per person and on the total value of the trip. No refunds will be made for unused meals, accommodations, or other trip features.  All reservation amendments or cancellations are valid only if advised and accepted in writing. Leon Moore Nature Experience strongly recommend that guests consider a travel insurance policy, which may assist in offsetting any unforeseen cancellation charges.  You may have the opportunity to transfer your booking to another tour or another person, provided you are unavoidably prevented from coming on the tour. In this case, you will bear any extra costs that such changes may incur.


The cost of this tour does not include the price of your international flight to and from Guyana. You are responsible for arranging these flights to and from Georgetown.


The purchase of trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended. Leon Moore Nature Experience (LMNE) cannot accept liability for airline cancellations or delays or penalties incurred by the purchase of nonrefundable airline tickets or other expenses incurred by tour participants in preparing for this tour.


On domestic Schedule flights within Guyana, passengers are allowed a total of 20Lbs or 9kg of luggage on Aircraft; if one is over the limit, he or she is charged US$1 or GY$ 200 Guyana dollars for every pound over weight. It is important that clients must provide his or her body and luggage weight in advance so this can be provided to the domestic airline in Guyana.

Because most of our clients come from either north America or the UK; we know that clients would sometimes have to travel with weather clothing/extra jacket for cold weather; these and any other clothing or items he or she wish to leave within our storage, arrangements can be made to facilitate this.


All the tour packages we offer includes a tour leader. Each lodge will also provide a local guide, so in most cases, between 2 to 10 tourist; we always have two guides.


Trip cost does not include any tips however it is totally up to you, if you feel that an individual/staff performed excellent and you wish to leave a tip please do. If you feel that your tour leader provided you with excellent service, you are free to tip him as well.


Should you have any complaints or  perhaps you’re dissatisfied with the services you received during our tours, please feel free to contact the Guyana Tour Authority at or you can call +592 219 0094  to speak directly with someone there.